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Making The Digital Pivot

What exactly does it mean to make the digital pivot? Where do you begin? This course is designed to act as an introduction to the underlying concepts of the digital supply chain, and to help learners begin thinking through the digital pivot at their own organizations. This move to digital isn’t simply a matter of adopting the newest and most buzzworthy technologies. Rather, it’s about defining what the “digital pivot” means for the organization, and rethinking the supply chain as a means of driving new growth and delivering against the expectations of customers. Knowing the state of the supply chain today, and where leaders want to go in the years to come, can enable a supply chain organization to begin using new analytics and technologies to build outside-in, market-driven processes.

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Learners Will:

  • Explore the development of supply chain processes over the years, and why this is a critical moment to adopt new digital technologies and processes
  • Discover the shifts in analytics that are redefining time in the supply chain, freeing organizations to move at the speed of the markets
  • Understand the major shifts in supply chain enablers, and how organizations are taking advantage of the Internet of Things, robotics, and 3D printing to outpace the competition

Developed in Partnership With:


Lora Cecere

Founder of Supply Chain Insights and Industry Analyst at Gartner, AMR Research, and Altimeter Group

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