Leading Through Adversity

Becoming a Courageous and Responsive Leader

Never before have leaders and teams – at all levels in the organization – faced so much economic uncertainty while being expected to deliver on outsized outcomes. In addition, they must navigate low engagement and rising rates of burnout, loneliness, and distrust. 

For organizations to succeed, the new world of work, including hybrid environments, requires a different kind of leadership. One where leaders role-model the ability to respond to adversity with courage and make difficult choices with empathy and compassion while building psychologically safe and connected teams that don’t burn out.

In this course, instructor Dr. Parneet Pal leverages the latest neuroscience, reflections, and group discussion to build leaders’ capacity for courage and responsiveness. A unique feature is daily evidence-based guided audio practices that train the brain for long-lasting behavior change.

This will enable leaders to listen mindfully, conduct difficult conversations, process challenging emotions in real-time, and make wise decisions during uncertainty.

DAY 1:

Courage: What’s in it for My Team and Me?

  • What you practice grows stronger
  • The biology of courage
  • Case study of courageous leadership in business
  • Building Courage
  • The three steps of compassion
  • Practice: Mindful listening
  • Practice: Setting a clear vision

DAY 2:

Engage Empathy but Respond with Compassion

  • The crucial difference between empathy and compassion
  • How psychologically safe is your team
  • The trust equation
  • Practice: Just like me

DAY 3:

Use Courage to Manage Conflict

  • Lean into discomfort
  • Tips to navigate team conflict
  • Practice: Pause, Reflect, Respond

DAY 4:

Shift from Self-Focus to Transformative Action

  • Stand up for what’s important
  • Shift from fear to courageous mindset in real-time
  • Practice: Compassion for all
  • From vision to action

DAY 5:

Live Virtual Event

  • Cohort members, instructor, and a moderator synthesize learnings from the week and develop insights for next steps.
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Learners Will:

  • Understand that courage is a skill, one that they can train and rewire their brain for lasting change
  • Learn the difference between empathy and compassion, and how to use them to navigate adversity effectively
  • Manage difficult emotions adaptively during situations like conflict or hard conversations
  • Learn how to leverage compassion to create a culture of psychological safety, wellbeing, and innovation

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Parneet Pal

Harvard and Columbia-trained Physician, seasoned Health and Performance Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies, Writer and Presenter of The Science of Wellbeing video series, Contributor to Harvard Business Review

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