Developing Resilience | Course

Leadership Resilience: Building And Sustaining Resilient Teams

Most programs on resilience focus solely on the individual and provide interventions to help manage individual wellbeing—but this is just one ‘input’ to resilience. Companies also need strategies to deal with change and unexpected challenges in the workplace, and the resources to support their people. This course will help you do both.

The YSC approach looks at individual resources and goes a step further by outlining what leaders can do to foster more resilience in their teams. People are different, so their approach to building resilience varies. Learners will identify the strategies and habits that are going to work best for them personally.

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Learners Will:

  • Establish a new, consistent language around resilience, how it can be developed and identify opportunities and the pragmatic habits to improve resilience
  • Develop a leadership mindset that enables, encourages, and facilitates new mindsets and behaviors within teams
  • Cultivate an organizational culture of resilience, where people feel pride in publicly sharing their strategies to build their own resilience

Developed in Partnership With:


Rob Morris

Managing Director, Head of Innovation & Thought Leadership, YSC

Shelley Winter

Director and Head of Coaching and Resilience and Registered Psychologist

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