Influencing Global Teams

Improve Your Leaders’ Effectiveness Working with Stakeholders Around the Globe

Leaders today are building and guiding teams that bring together the best functional expertise from around the world. This requires mastering influence, persuasion and virtual leadership skills that unites diverse teams with varied work experiences and perspectives about strategic and organizational challenges. It is particularly challenging when leaders do not have formal authority over the group’s performance.

This program lays the foundation for leaders who want to develop themselves into successful global leaders. Learners will discover that with every business challenge comes an opportunity to influence an outcome and to understand how to advocate and protect team members from distracting influences.

This program is designed to improve the effectiveness of leaders when working with customers, vendors, peers, employees, and managers around the globe.

Week One: The Foundations of Influence and Persuasion

  • Learn how people respond to symbols & signs of authority
  • Understand ways that group pressure distorts judgement
  • Using social proof as an influence tactic

Week Two: Practicing Influence and Delivery

  • Avoid framing bias through simulated practice
  • Explore argument and delivery tactics
  • Use availability and scarcity heuristics in arguments

Week Three: Leveraging Your Influence

  • Discuss two key relational influence tactics – liking and reciprocity
  • Interview a leader to capture influence techniques
  • Simulate procedural influence techniques

Week Four: Mastering and Applying Your Influence Toolkit

  • Create memorable messages
  • Learning to use informal power
  • Practice non-verbal influence

Week Five: Leading Virtual Teams

  • Develop techniques for building a great culture within a global team
  • Discover how storytelling shapes team culture
  • Explore leadership types that work effectively with global teams
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Learners Will:

  • Utilize influence techniques to connect and align global teams.
  • Learn how to examine personal bias and the impact of social proof to effective decision-making and influencing skills.
  • Explore leadership types that work effectively with virtual teams and practical exercises to build a strong remote team.

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Mario Moussa

President of Moussa Consulting

Maxim Sytch

Associate Professor in the Department of Management and Organizations, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

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Partner, TruEdge Consulting

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