Finding Meaning At Work

Developing Strategies to Motivate and Inspire

Many leaders fail to take talent on the necessary journey to make meaning in the workplace. As a result, they miss two integral components of talent development: commitment and contribution. Employees don’t just need competencies to do their work well—they also need to feel ownership, purpose, and a deep sense of belonging.

How do we invest in the search for meaning? And how, once invested, do we actually contribute to the sense of purpose that people feel in their work? This course looks at why making meaning makes money—how a commitment to helping talent find meaning in work can produce measurable, bottom line results. It will also explore tangible areas where employees find meaning in their work, particularly through company expectations and individual contributions to the organization. Finally, we’ll look at how to become a true meaning maker.

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Learners Will:

  • Discuss the importance and market value attached to making meaning at work
  • Find out how to build an employee value proposition
  • Understand how to appropriately set expectations with employees, and how to understand their needs and expectations
  • Explore approaches to help people discover more meaning through their work

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Dave Ulrich

Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and Partner at the RBL Group

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