Developing Your Team

Manage All Aspects of the Talent Development Lifecycle From Hiring to Retiring

Organizations thrive when they hire the right people and place them into roles where they can best use their talents, and where their work is effectively aligned with the business strategy. In the hiring process, leaders have responsibility for the essential task of defining and setting standards for needed skills today and in the future. 

Leaders also take part in processes to source, screen, and socialize new talent. After bringing great talent into the organization, leaders must then continually invest time to guide careers and provide team members with formal and informal opportunities to develop and build new skills.

Leaders then help their teams deliver great results by communicating clear performance expectations, providing feedback, and managing accountability. 

This course prepares leaders to manage the important aspects of the talent development lifecycle from recruiting to developing to managing performance.

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Learners Will:

  • Define skill standards for current and future job roles to help recruit and hire top talent
  • Learn steps for managing performance by clarifying expectations, establishing standards, allocating consequences, and conducting positive conversations
  • Identify the blend of professional, personal, and educational experiences for developing team members
  • Create an action plan to help your team embed and sustain diversity, equity, and inclusion practices through empowerment

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Dave Ulrich

Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and Partner at the RBL Group

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