Delegating for Impactful Leadership

Build delegation skills to empower teams and enhance efficiency

Delegation isn’t just a skill — it’s a strategy move that allows leaders to turbocharge productivity. By shifting tactical tasks to capable team members, leaders free up their own schedules so they can zero in on high-priority initiatives. When done right, effective delegation not only maximizes efficiency but also team talent.

In addition to productivity, delegation is a valuable tool for employee growth. Team members can develop new skills, face challenges, and build confidence through delegated tasks. Successful delegators create resilient organizations by distributing work among the entire team rather than concentrating the workload on a single person or even a small group.

This course helps leaders overcome obstacles to delegation and start empowering team members with a sense of ownership and accountability that enhances morale and job satisfaction.

DAY 1:

Learning About Delegation & Assessing Your Current State

  • Where do you stand on delegation?
  • Introduction to delegation: What, why, and benefits
  • Delegation myths
  • Delegation excuses

DAY 2:

Deciding What to Delegate and to Whom

  • Best practices for effective delegation
  • Top 3 delegation practices you will implement
  • Go beyond “getting it off your desk”
  • The “on your plate” exercise

DAY 3:

Holding People Accountable and Being Clear

  • How to delegate work and why it’s important
  • Language pitfalls to avoid
  • Why leaders need to hold directs accountable
  • Delegation proficiency

DAY 4:

Having the Conversation

  • Stop feeling guilty about delegation
  • A model to plan delegation conversations
  • Conducting your delegation conversation

DAY 5:

Live Virtual Event

  • Cohort members, instructor, and a moderator synthesize learnings from the week and develop insights for next steps.

Download the Course Overview

Learners Will:

  • Complete an assessment to identify when and why they hesitate to delegate
  • Learn best practices for effective delegation
  • Leverage an effective model to plan delegation conversations

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