Accelerating HR’s Business Impact

Develop HR Skills That Add Measurable Value to Your Organization

Agile, business-focused Human Resources professionals who are able to connect talent to business strategy deliver more value to customers and stakeholders. Through this course, HR Professionals will learn how to consult business leaders on strategic alignment of talent strategy to business strategy. They will learn skills to help with the evolution from administrative and functional support to providing outside-in perspective as true business partners.

Taught by Dave Ulrich, known as the father of modern HR, and other world-class instructors, your team will work on projects that add measurable value to your organization and learn skills that prepare them for fulfilling careers in HR.

Week One: Building HR from the Outside-in

  • Learn how HR creates value for customers, investors, and communities in addition to employees and business leaders
  • Understand why HR must take an outside-in view to connect actions and capabilities to value-creation activities
  • Identify the level of maturity in your HR digital capabilities
  • Learn how to use digital information to improve decision making

Week Two: HR Outcomes: Talent, Leadership, and Organization

  • Review talent initiatives for developing employee competence, commitment, and contribution
  • Understand how HR builds a brand that is valued by investors
  • Learn to apply drivers that strengthen employee commitment
  • Examine key factors that drive employee contribution

Week Three: HRCS Individual Competencies

  • Understand the importance of helping employees find meaning at work
  • Learn the value of an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and how to construct one
  • Explore new approaches for building a positive work environment

Week Four: Improving and Prototyping Solutions

  • Understand how critical thinking becomes a tool to “simplify complexity”
  • Learn to manage your career, assess your resources, adapt to change, and practice self-coaching
  • Learn how to develop your personal brand as an HR professional
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Learners Will:

  • Learn and apply tools to understand the business context for your organization’s HR initiatives
  • Explore the complexities within your current practices and define actions that are necessary for simplifying work
  • Begin to create a digital agenda for your HR function, and review emerging trends in talent, leadership, and organizations

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