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Develop your leaders at scale with our Leadership Academy. Explore how customers have developed their workforce with cohort learning. Check out stories in consumer goods and life-sciences.

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Target Level Emerging Leader: Aspiring leaders without direct reports

Frontline Leader: Leaders, whether new or experienced, who supervise direct reports

Mid-Level Leader: Leaders who manage managers

Senior Leader: Leaders who manage directors

Functional Leader: Leaders who manage a business, department, or division. Eg: supply chain or HR

All Leaders: Leaders of all levels

53 Results

Leadership Resilience: Becoming A Resilient Leader

Sustain Energy Under Pressure and Cope With Change

Topics: Developing Resilience

Leadership Resilience: Building And Sustaining Resilient Teams

Enable Teams to Respond and Thrive Through Change and Adversity

Topics: Developing Resilience

Leading Breakthrough Change

A Practical Framework for Driving Transformation

Topics: Change Management

Leading in a Hybrid Work Environment

Coach, Develop, and Improve the Employee Experience of Those on Your Team

Topics: Leadership Leading Teams Talent Development

Leading Through Adversity

Becoming a Courageous and Responsive Leader

Topics: Influence and Persuasion Leadership

Leading Transformative Conversations

Conduct Honest Conversations to Draw Out the Raw but Necessary Truth About Organizational Misalignment

Topics: Change Management

Leading Virtual Teams

Learn and Apply Practices for Successfully Managing Remote Workforces

Topics: Leading Teams

Leading Your Supply Chain To Competitive Advantage

Align with Business, Make The Right Tradeoffs, and Invest Wisely

Topics: Supply Chain Leadership Academy

Making Change Happen

A Structural Approach for Supporting Organizational Transformation

Topics: Change Management

Making The Digital Pivot

Understand Changes That Are Needed to Digitize Supply Chains

Topics: Supply Chain Leadership Academy

Mastering Design Thinking

Discover the Power of Problem-Solving Using Human-Centered Design

Topics: Design Thinking

Modeling Your Future Business

Using the Business Model Canvas to Define, Refine, and Innovate

Topics: Design Thinking

Negotiating For Mutual Gains

Creating Win-Win Solutions in Your Organization

Topics: Negotiation

New Leader

A Comprehensive Leadership Development Program Helping New Leaders Reach High Performance in All Domains of Life

Topics: Leadership

Preparing for the Future of Procurement

Improve Innovation, Agility, and Risk Management

Topics: Supply Chain Leadership Academy

Presentation Skills for Leaders

Delivering Your Message with Confidence and Clarity

Topics: Influence and Persuasion Leadership

Selling Your Ideas Through Storytelling

Inspire Trust and Commitment for Plans and Strategies Using the Power of Storytelling

Topics: Influence and Persuasion

Spreading Happiness At Work

Building Morale For Individuals and Teams

Topics: Employee Engagement

Succeeding Through Total Leadership

Learn to Pursue Leadership Excellence in All Domains of Your Life

Topics: Leadership

Supply Chain Metrics That Matter

Understand How to Set and Balance Metrics That Optimize Supply Chain Performance

Topics: Supply Chain Leadership Academy

The Art Of Strategic Persuasion

Practical Tools to Break Down Silos and Gain Buy-In for Your Ideas

Topics: Influence and Persuasion

Thinking Fast

An Introduction to Critical Thinking and Decision-Making

Topics: Decision Making

Using Data Analytics to Improve Decision-Making

Discover the Importance of Treating Data as a Business Asset and the Role of Data in Decision-Making

Topics: Data Science

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