Delivering the right auto parts at the right time requires the right skills

The Challenge

In order to deliver the right auto part at the right time, WORLDPAC knows it must invest in its workforce and ensure they have the right skills to succeed. For 7 years they had been conducting face to face trainings and webinars and wanted to enhance their Leader Path Development. They also wanted to offer learning as a unique benefit to their employees, a differentiator they could use to attract the best talent.

“We needed to find a solution that could grow with our business and that was all about the learning and not about the managing of it,” explains Bruce Gross, Sr. Instructor at WORLDPAC.


WORLDPAC rolled out Udemy for Business to all of its teammates to boost engagement and utilize internal resources more effectively than holding in-person training sessions. Today, WORLDPAC teammates are upgrading their skillsets by taking Udemy courses on Microsoft Excel, Conscious Listening, and Manager training.

To further distribute training content across the company, they have also uploaded some of their own proprietary training content from “WORLDPAC University” into Udemy for Business. So far, they’ve published courses focused on Communications, Conflict Resolution, Relationship Building and Change Management, as well as proprietary sales training materials on Salesforce, Excel and MapPoint.


Since launching Udemy for Business, 100% of WORLDPAC’s teammates have joined the Udemy for Business portal, with the average learner completing 13 hours of learning on the platform.

WORLDPAC has fulfilled their primary goal of providing continuous on-demand learning opportunities, as well as their secondary goal of finding a platform where they can easily host their own content. The company is equipping its employees with the key skills they need–boosting customer satisfaction across the board.

“With Udemy for Business, teammates can gain more knowledge, and they’re not being forced to do so. We’re thrilled to have a continuous learning provider our teammates can personally opt into,” stated Bruce Gross.