InnoWave Leverages Udemy Business to Enable Remote Learning and Development at Scale

InnoWave is a global technology and consulting company, boasting highly skilled people and innovative solutions. Focusing on telecommunications, but with clients in other sectors, it helps leading businesses reinvent their future by delivering solutions that enhance digital experiences, accelerate digital transformation, and optimize application management.

The company’s expertise focuses on enterprise solutions such as Cloud Transformation, AR/VR, Data, cybersecurity, internet of things (IoT), and quality assurance. It partnered with Udemy Business to meet the urgent need for an online platform that could evolve its L&D as part of a changing business model following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Challenge: Raising retention and lowering costs

InnoWave is a growing company with a young workforce. At the start of 2020, it had a high attrition rate, impacting the company’s efficiency, costs, and HR workload, restricting innovation and growth. At that time, employee development was managed in person at the company’s offices.

“It was incredibly difficult to manage employee development when we were carrying it out in person at the company’s offices,” says André Gonçalves, InnoWaveChief Strategy Officer and People & Culture Director at InnoWave. “It was a costly, admin- heavy task with many scheduling challenges.”

When COVID-19 hit, the company’s leadership team realized they had to make a change to their employee development approach to continue adding value. With their main value being People First, their goal was to improve retention and employee L&D as the company grew. To do this, they searched for an online learning platform that would enable InnoWave to deliver a wide variety of training courses at scale to meet the needs of a hybrid workforce.

The platform needed to deliver soft skills as well as technical skills, and integrate easily with its internal academy program, called University, to ensure cultural consistency across its offices in six countries. InnoWave also wanted to capitalize on opportunities to grow resources such as personnel, and technology to help it compete more effectively with other companies for potential contracts and qualified personnel.

Solution: The perfect match for InnoWave’s ambitions

After creating a short list, and making business cases for several online learning platforms, InnoWave soon realized Udemy Business was the perfect fit. “We knew Udemy was the one for us because of the number, diversity, and scope of its courses, which include specialized training,” says André. “All the courses are recognized in our industry, relevant to our sectors, and taught by subject matter experts.”

Udemy Business was also the best choice because of its ease of use and accessibility — two of André’s must-haves for an online learning platform. For example, the platform’s smartphone app allows employees to learn when and where they want.

Bridging skills gaps and empowering global talent

With InnoWave’s previous L&D strategy, they were unable to up- and cross-skill employees quickly. Now, using the Udemy’s metric dashboards their HR team can track employee training hours and ensure that the most appropriate courses are chosen to bridge any skills gaps within the company. Data is automatically imported into the HR system, providing valuable insights that can be used to inform strategic decisions.

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