Udemy for Business Helps Sapient Stay Ahead of Digital Transformation

Udemy for Business is a fundamental piece to Sapient’s digital transformation strategy. Sapient consultants leverage the technical content of Udemy for Business to stay ahead of digital trends by taking certification, big data, and cloud courses.

In addition to increasing their technical proficiency, Sapient consultants also utilize soft skills courses like management, communication, presentations, etc. to enhance their professional acumen and consulting capabilities.

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"The feedback we’ve gotten back on Udemy has been overwhelmingly positive. The usage, the depth of content and the reputation of your instructors (…) We’ve (also) started to see the capabilities in those practices grow…specifically AWS, big data, and Microsoft Azure."

Ian Stevens, Head of Learning and Development at Sapient

About Sapient

Sapient is a consulting agency designed to help companies reimagine their business through technology and customer centric experiences. They offer their clients a unique advantage in the world of digital transformation across marketing, digital and strategy consulting and technology services.

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