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Empowering Workforce with Advanced Cloud Certifications for Direct Business Impact

Effectively assisting clients with digital transformation means Publicis Sapient’s own workforce must be adept in navigating complex, evolving technologies. As such, the company’s Learning & Development (L&D) organization is tasked with delivering centralized training that builds employees’ technical fluency, prepares them to earn key certifications, and positions them for optimal productivity.

Challenge: Staying ahead of digital transformation with top-quality advanced learning

Publicis Sapient had previously implemented a leading Learning Management System (LMS) to address these needs, but the company’s ongoing growth and change revealed several obstacles with the existing setup. To begin with, when Publicis Sapient employees consulted onsite at client locations, they could not access learning resources on the LMS platform through client firewalls. That was a huge loss for L&D, as consultants spent a great deal of time at client offices.

“We needed to find a solution that could not only reach our people with content regardless of where they sat, or which computer they were on, but also to give us real-time data to show the skill building activity taking place,” explains Ian Stevens, Head of Capability Development, North America.

The HR and L&D organizations drove a switch in LMS solutions, but while this move addressed platform issues, the company still needed a robust content solution that could meet its stringent technical and soft skills requirements. Specifically, the Publicis Sapient consulting teams—mainly based in the United States and India—needed access to top-quality, advanced content across a wide range of areas, with clearly defined subtopics. Courses needed to keep learners in the driver’s seat by allowing a mix of engaging learning methods and shorter, more consumable courses.

Solution: Choosing top-of-the-line content for upskilling, keeping learners in the driver’s seat

After a thorough search for the right learning content provider, Publicis Sapient chose Udemy Business for the depth and breadth of its technical course catalog. In addition to being both top-quality and up-to-date, Udemy courses could be quickly and easily consumed, and they were downloadable offline—immediately solving its consultants’ access challenges.

Ease of integrating Udemy Business content into the L&D team’s overall training approach was key to the solution, based on the idea that there is no one right path to learning and that everyone is accountable for acquiring new skills to drive business forward. As such, the team opted for a blended delivery mode, via a timeline designed to accommodate work/life balance.

BUSINESS IMPACT >> $280M Revenue growth | 66% Faster onboarding | 20% Increase in IT certifications | 335K Hours IT-Cloud learning

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