OverIT Boosts New Hire Onboarding Efficiency and Upskills its Entire Workforce

OverIT helps field service teams harness the latest technology and digital transformation innovations to work safer and smarter. Its Next-Gen FSM platform supports operators, engineers, and technicians to monitor their work in the field — integrating countless modern technologies such as CRM, ERP, asset management, GIS, and IoT.

While the company’s operations have traditionally centered on Italy, OverIT has strategic growth ambitions in Europe and North America, almost doubling its headcount in just two years to help make it happen. Relying on just limited in-person training, OverIT needed an online learning solution that would help support new hire onboarding and offer wide-ranging skills training on demand.

Challenge: A rapidly scaling workforce in need of greater onboarding support

Successfully competing with some of the biggest players in the FSM market, OverIT is well-regarded across the energy and oil and gas sectors for its commitment to research and development (R&D), and has even been recognized as a Leader by IDC Marketspace for its Worldwide Utilities FSM Solutions.

This level of success doesn’t come easy. It’s taken more than 20 years of hard work and, most recently, doubling the company’s headcount to position its operations for global expansion.

But as any successful organization knows, a rapidly scaling team needs substantial Learning and Development (L&D) support, specifically bespoke, accessible onboarding. Samanta Zanchi, Learning & Development Manager at OverIT, explains: “Our previous L&D program relied on in-person training that was primarily product-focused — and was delivered by our senior employees who could only hold limited sessions each year. With new hire onboarding and the upskilling of existing employees on new products so critical to our growth, we needed a way to create a truly modern employee experience”.

OverIT had many new hires to onboard and train, and its remote workers needed greater L&D support. The company required an online L&D platform that could augment its newly created employee induction model and provide all its people with always-on training courses on any device.

Solution: A clearly defined onboarding program to help enable rapid growth

Because OverIT wanted to improve its employee experience through accessible online L&D, Samanta was keen for the company’s L&D strategy to be led by employees. “We set out surveying employees’ needs, and it became quickly apparent we needed a wide-ranging and scalable solution,” says Samanta. “After trialing several of the leading L&D solutions, we selected Udemy Business for its core skill support and ability to create Learning Paths.”

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