How NTT DATA leveraged Udemy Business to drive new business revenue


NTT DATA is a leading innovator in delivering technology enabled services and solutions to its global customers. With a presence in 47 countries, they are committed to providing cutting edge IT and technical solutions to elevate the workplace and organizational processes across companies around the world. For NTT DATA consultants, the need to keep up with advancing technology is business-critical in order to continue delivering innovation and excellence to their clients. It not only opens up more opportunities to drive revenue but also increases their chances of winning new business with their technical competencies.

High engagement and demand for Udemy Business

Alfred Helmerich, Executive Training Manager NTT DATA Academy at NTT DATA Deutschland, realized that usage and engagement with their own internal e-learning system was not at his expectations. Keen to optimize their learning programs, when developers presented Udemy Business, Alfred immediately tested it out. Within a week of rolling out Udemy Business, the licenses were completely gone. They offered up 18x more licenses than the previous provider. Employees cited that not only was the content engaging, but they were also able to find the exact topics they were looking for. “In total, it was a big success, I would get emails about what a fantastic resource it was.”. After one year in use, the demand for Udemy continued to grow and the number of licenses doubled.

Quality content accelerated growth in Big Data and Cloud Computing

With delivering business value as a key metric, Alfred wanted to ensure he was providing the right content with high quality to help drive business results. The two technical areas that the team needed the most upskilling on was Big Data and Cloud Computing. By leveraging Udemy Business content, groups of employees would watch specific courses and content on Spark, R, Python, Selenium, AWS, and more. Subject matter experts in those areas would then create specific tasks/cases for participants to complete, using the knowledge they just built up from the courses. If they succeeded and completed the task, they would receive points. After a specific amount of points, they would be rewarded with a badge of accreditation. Through gamification, team members were able to motivate one another and drive engagement in learning these new proficiencies. This helped build a community of like-minded learners at NTT DATA which created organic encouragement and growth in these skill areas.

New proficiencies resulted in product innovation and revenue growth

The training in these areas proved pivotal and instrumental in the creation of NTT DATA’s Altemista Cloud offering. Through the newly gained skills employees received from Udemy Business courses and the NTT Academy, they brought on new innovation to the business by building this new tool and resource to help their customers enable legacy IT applications for the digital era.

Alfred has seen proficiencies grow in areas like Big Data, Cloud, and recently in Web Development as well. Not only has he seen consumption grow in these areas, he’s been able to track the application of these newly gained skills. By taking the Angular course on Udemy Business, the team was able to utilize this new JavaScript framework and apply it immediately in the work for their customers.

Elevated skills to serve the needs of an advancing digital market

Beyond technical skills, developing soft skills is a key priority for NTT DATA as well. “We’ve seen a lot of engagement with content on Agile. Not just agile development, but how to apply this way of work in leadership, and in everyone’s day to day. Communication and presentation are also topics of interest for us – and we continue to recommend these types of courses to continually improve our professional skills.”

Since integrating Udemy Business, the NTT DATA Academy has been able to offer content that elevates the technical and professional knowledge of its consultants. Employees are able to immediately apply their skills to create marketable products and help continue NTT Data’s promise of driving IT and technical infrastructure forward in this digital age.

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