Comprehensive Online L&D Experience Drives Career Progress, Innovation, and Retention at Kushki

With its operations spanning Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, and the United States, Kushki—founded in 2017—offers modern, efficient, and secure digital payment solutions to thousands of customers across Latin America. It uses highly skilled developers and innovative technology to create new products and services that help it stay at the leading edge of the region’s digital payment services.

But to be driven by innovation requires the right skills, consistently applied across the whole organization. With a newly developed L&D strategy and a fast-growing workforce, Kushki needed an accessible and scalable online learning solution that would give its people access to the right mix of technical and soft skills they needed — wherever and on demand.


A new accessible and scalable L&D strategy

Kushki was born with a goal to revolutionize digital payments in Latin America, recognizing each country’s financial and regulatory nuances in a way that seamlessly unites online transactions. One of the secrets to its success is its focus on technology innovation, including how its engineering team develops products and services ahead of the competition.

To foster a culture of industry- leading tech innovation, having the right learning and development (L&D) resources and processes in place is critical. For Kushki, this means wide-ranging assessable courses and certifications available on-demand — anywhere.

“Operating across multiple countries means our workforce is similarly widespread,” says Alejandra Castro, VP of Human Resources at Kushki. “Working with on-demand technical training initiatives led by line managers, we found it difficult to offer consistent L&D opportunities to our people — which ultimately impacted their careers and talent longevity.”


Robust, nuanced online learning that’s available anywhere

After trialing several leading online learning platforms, Kushki’s Tech L&D team chose Udemy Business for its broad range of courses, certification training, and deep-dive analytics.

More importantly, though, Kushki was attracted to Udemy for its Learning Path personalization capabilities. “There’s a false perception that you can just plug and play an online learning platform to solve anything,” says Crisly. “We chose Udemy Business because it gives us the freedom to set up individual career paths and create training programs tailored to each team. It’s a complete ecosystem.”

In an industry and region where product and service innovation is a distinct competitive advantage, fulfilling the needs of its product development team was also a key priority for Kushki. Using Udemy Business, the company now has up to 100 people at any one time studying for or taking tech certification exams for certifications in AWS, ISTQB, ITIL, IIBA, and Scrum, helping eliminate the cost of outsourcing.

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