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The Challenge

“At a company that is growing quickly and has offices across the globe, relying on live trainings alone is not sustainable or sufficient,” Head of Global Training, Christi Moot, explains. “It’s critical to offer employees a blended learning experience and do so consistently and comprehensively.”

The Solution

AdRoll brought Udemy for Business into its learning portfolio for three key reasons: breadth of content, speed of delivery and global consistency. “Udemy’s multitude of course topics allows us to offer learning opportunities to our teams beyond their core roles. And with its mobile app, employees are able to take courses at their own pace as well as remotely to fit learning into their busy lives,” says Christi.

Through Udemy for Business, AdRoll is able to provide employees with learning content that stays up to date on the latest information so that employees are better prepared to do their jobs and handle unknown projects that may arise in the future.

The Results

Udemy for Business is a valuable resource for AdRoll. AdRoll has since incorporated Udemy into its different learning paths. For example, when someone is promoted to a new manager, she is put into the Management learning path. Their learning paths now blend live, classroom-based training with online Udemy courses to provide a well-rounded, comprehensive learning experience.

Through Udemy, AdRoll is enabling people to learn anything, at any time, across global teams. “Udemy is a tremendous partner for us, and allows us to give our learners a resource and tool that is truly game-changing.”

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"One of our core values is to help each other grow, and we’re always looking for ways to invest in our employees for success. Udemy for Business has been integral to helping us create a culture of learning and deliver on that promise to our team members."

Christi Moot, Head of Global Training at AdRoll
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