Staying Ahead of the Digital Transformation – October Product Announcement

Grace Kuo

Product Marketing at Udemy for Business

October 11, 2018

As business leaders around the world prepare their workforce for the digital transformation, learning professionals play a critical role in upskilling and bridging employee skill gaps. According to a recent McKinsey study, only 16% of executives interviewed feel “very prepared” that their company is ready for the transition. The reality is the path to digital sophistication is different for every organization, so leaders will need a learning solution that is tailored to the specific skills their employees need.

Here at Udemy for Business, we’re helping global companies stay ahead of the digital transformation through our recent launch of Smart Recommendations that delivers tailored content aligned with the speed of market change.

Personalized to the learner

Smart Recommendations drives skill progression by utilizing the billions of learning interactions on Udemy and Udemy for Business to identify what employees should learn next. It delivers a continuous learning journey powered by relevant and personalized content recommendations. Smart Recommendations not only deepens skill expertise but also expands areas of knowledge for employees as well.

Examples of Smart Recommendations include:

  • What people who learn “TOPIC” take next

  • Top Courses

  • Because you viewed/searched for/enrolled

  • Other Topics you might like

Smart Recommendations expands your employees’ learning journeys and helps them navigate through constantly changing skills. We help companies stay ahead of the digital age by bridging skill gaps faster, increasing overall employee engagement and helping your workforce reach digital sophistication.

Deeper content exploration

In addition to the launch of Smart Recommendations, we’ve improved our browse experience as well. Employees can now find the right content faster with a redesigned experience for browsing categories, subcategories, and related topics. We highlight top courses in a given category and also showcase trending courses as well – helping employees browse our content at a deeper level.

Sleek homepage design

We’ve made our homepage more intuitive and updated the Navigation Bar, so it’s easily accessible at the top of the page. Your company’s custom categories are conveniently located as the first selection in the menu – giving employees easy access to categories and courses you’ve created.

Continue Learning: We’ve expanded the number of courses shown in our Continue Learning widget so employees can easily pick up where they’ve left off. By showcasing more than one incomplete course, we’re reminding employees of courses they need to take or content they may have forgotten about.

Powerful Admin Functionality

We know how critical managing learning is, so we’ve built tools that enable Admins to drive engaged and impactful learning. We’ve added intuitive controls to help learning professionals easily recommend and assign content to their employees. We’ve also made some changes to the Manage Course page to help Admins quickly find their Imported and Custom Courses.

Manage Courses: We’ve redesigned the Manage Courses page so that you can easily locate and manage your Imported and Custom Courses. For Imported Courses, you can see the number of enrollments, licenses remaining, and even buy more licenses for that course. For Custom Courses, you can approve or deny new custom courses and see enrollment data as well.

Actions Menu: This new Actions Menu enables Admins to assign courses, share content to Slack, add the course to a custom category and even see the course insights with just one click. This update improves the course assignment feature significantly – making it more convenient for you to surface the right content to your employees. The Actions Menu will be available throughout the product, therefore admins no longer need to go to “Manage Courses” to assign courses.

Add a Message: We understand how important context is when sharing a course with employees – that’s why you can now add messages when you assign a course to an employee. Whether that’s giving more background, including instructions, or even sending a word of encouragement to employees to help boost engagement and the impact to an employee’s learning journey.

Helping employees stay ahead of the digital transformation

Here at Udemy for Business, we’re helping companies stay ahead of the digital transformation. By providing relevant, personalized and compelling course recommendations, you can better engage your employees with the right content to upskill them in the digital age. With these new updates and enhancements to our product, learning professionals can be confident that their employees are not only deepening their subject matter expertise but expanding their breadth of knowledge as well. Through Udemy for Business, you can amplify the impact of L&D and empower those who drive learning at your organization.

For more information on how you can help your company navigate the Digital Transformation, read our brochure on the hottest tech and soft skills your workforce should know.

About Udemy for Business:

Udemy for Business is a learning platform that helps companies stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing workplace by offering fresh, relevant on-demand learning content, curated from the Udemy marketplace. Our mission is to help employees do whatever comes next—whether that’s the next project to do, skill to learn, or role to master. We’d love to partner with you on your employee development needs. Get in touch with us at

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