A Personalized Experience for Every Learner

Safia Abbasi

Product Marketing, Senior Manager at Udemy for Business

September 13, 2018

Here at Udemy for Business, our mission is to help learners around the world prepare for whatever comes next, whether that is learning a new skill for their job, tackling a project, or moving into a new role.

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We believe that each learner not only has a unique reason to learn but also a unique learning style. To support the diverse learning needs of employees around the world, we’ve built tools to enable learners to learn in a more personal way that fits their needs. Below are just a few of the ways we give learners more control over their learning experience.

Why text matters in a world of video content

Not everyone is a visual learner. In fact, 1 out of every 10 learners on (and there are 24 million learners on Udemy) leverages on-screen captions to supplement their learning goals. To reinforce learning and get the most value out of a course, learners can easily follow along with what instructors are saying through transcripts and closed captioning. Transcripts help learners find relevant content more easily by giving them the ability to skim through the course text and jump to the exact section of the content they need. Transcripts and captions also support non-native English speakers and those who prefer to learn by reading.

Transcripts and captions help learners get the most from learning on Udemy

Finding the right content at the right time

Time is incredibly valuable – especially when you’re at work. We’ve built search functionality within our courses so that learners can get to the exact topic they need to accomplish their goal. Our ‘Bookmark’ feature is another easy and quick way for users to mark important points of a course so they can return to it in the future. Furthermore, learners can get a “sneak peek” and preview what’s to come by hovering over the progress bar in the video player of any course.

Search functionality within courses helps learners get to the right content at the right time

Direct access to expert instructors

With over 900 subject matter experts teaching on Udemy for Business, learners get access to a thriving learning community, where their questions get answered directly by instructors or other learners. Each Udemy course contains a Q&A section, where learners can quickly view and respond to questions from other learners, view announcements from instructors, or ask a question of their own.

At Udemy for Business, our strength lies in our instructors. Learners get direct access to experts like world-renowned executive coach Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times best-selling author Kim Scott, founder of top mobile development boot camp Angela Yu, leading Data Science expert Jose Portilla, international award-winning professor Penny de Byl, and many more.

Learners can leverage the Q&A feature to engage in a lively learning community

Learning at your own pace

Lastly, learners have the ability to set the pace of a course so it’s just right for them. Within the course player, learners can slow down the video speed so they have more time to digest what the instructor is teaching, play it at normal speed, or speed the course up if they are reviewing a section of the course or reviewing an already learned skill. Need to review something again or skip ahead? The rewind and fast forward functions give learners the right level of flexibility.

Learners can adjust the course speed to the pace that’s right for them

At Udemy for Business, we’re committed to helping companies around the world upskill and grow their employees so that their workforce stays ahead of the demands of tomorrow. Our learning tools address the diverse learning styles of each individual so that every employee can create the best learning experience for them. We are continually making investments in our product and content collection to empower L&D teams to drive impactful learning at their companies. Watch our video below to learn more about our features.

Udemy for Business is a learning platform that helps companies stay competitive in the digital transformation of the workplace by offering fresh, relevant, and personalized on-demand learning content, curated from the Udemy marketplace. Our mission is to help employees do whatever comes next—whether that’s the next project to do, skill to learn, or role to master. We’d love to partner with you on your employee development needs. Get in touch with us at

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