Tech Skills

10 Hot IT Skills in 2018 Infographic

Jennifer Juo

HR and L&D Insights Writer at Udemy for Business



Tech Skills

March 27, 2018

With the current technical skills gap, we analyzed patterns of 20+ million learners on our Udemy platform to see what hot IT skills are trending in 2018. IT teams are wrestling with a wide range of issues from large inflows of data overloading company IT infrastructures to the need to automate growing IT systems. Emerging technologies in the cloud, IT automation, and data management offer new ways to streamline and enhance your IT infrastructure. We’ve put together an infographic highlighting the fastest-growing top 10 IT skills on Udemy, related trending technologies, and what people are learning next.

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See popular courses on Udemy for each of the 10 hot IT skills:

1. Apache Kafka: The Apache Kafka Series: Learn Apache Kafka for Beginners.

2. GraphQL: GraphQL with React: The Complete Developer’s Guide.

3. Chef Software: Chef Fundamentals: A Recipe for Automating Infrastructure.

4. GNS3: GNS3 Fundamentals: Official Course Part 1

5. Kubernetes: Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course

6. AWS: AWS Solutions Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2018

7. LPIC: The Complete Linux LPIC-1 Certification Course Exams

8. Splunk: The Complete Splunk Beginner Course

9. Microsoft Azure: 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Certification Course

10. AWS Lambda: AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework–Hands-On Learning

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