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Shelley Osborne

About: Shelley Osborne Head of Learning & Development at Udemy

How to Harness Employee Feedback to Build a Lasting Learning Culture 

Spoiler alert: I love feedback. As an L&D professional, that may sound like a given, but I like to think…

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Using Virtual Reality in Unconscious Bias Training to Change Behavior

Unconscious bias training often focuses on raising awareness, but what’s missing is how employees can take action and change their…

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Forget About Career Ladders: 4 Steps to Career Development

Career development is incredibly challenging in the modern workforce. In fact, 78% of L&D leaders say their top challenge is…

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Our Learning Predictions for 2018

Download our latest report 5 Learning Trends and 5 Predictions for 2018 here. Innovative new technologies are poised to revolutionize…

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4 Easy Steps to Implement VR Training

91% of learning & development (L&D) leaders would like to implement virtual reality or VR training at their organizations, but…

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9 Steps to Overcome the Biggest Obstacle to Learning: Time

Despite employees’ best intentions to learn, time keeps slipping by as they navigate crazy work and personal schedules. In our…

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How to Incorporate This One Employee Perk to Improve Your Business

If you ask them, many organizations will readily say they support and encourage learning as a priority–sometimes even as one…

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Gamification is Actually About Motivation, Not Badges

Gamification is the latest shiny new toy on the block for boosting learning engagement and knowledge transfer at work. If…

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