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Darren Shimkus

About: Darren Shimkus VP & GM, Udemy for Business

What’s Needed for Innovation: The Enduring Benefits of Hiring Lifelong Learners

What are the two most critical skills in today’s workforce? 1) An appetite for learning; and 2) the ability to…

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3 Strategies for Easing Workplace Stress and Anxiety

These are tense times for American workers. People are stressed about politics, personal finances, and family responsibilities, and it’s near-impossible…

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Training for the Job You Want…and Want to Fill

There are a couple of things that all employees and employers have to learn to live with: no one is…

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The Unexpected Skills Your Employees Want to Learn Now

In the world of corporate training, you commonly find “Interpersonal Skills” or “Negotiation” courses that hit the same rudimentary points…

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The Next Wave of Predictive Analytics in HR: 5 Tips for Success in 2017

Just like computers and smartphones transformed today’s workplace, the next wave of predictive analytics and machine learning is drastically altering…

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A Brave New Role for L&D: Our Learning Predictions for 2017

Three key trends are converging and giving rise to the importance of L&D in the business world.

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